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Precision Greens was established in 1999 with the construction of a 600 square foot golf green in the backyard of a home in South Surrey. It took an entire summer to build and was the inspiration for moving forward in this industry. Today, Precision Greens has since built more that 1100 Golf Greens and more than 3000 Artificial Grass installations. Almost 17 years later, Precision Greens is the benchmark for quality Synthetic Turf Golf Greens and Artificial Grass Lawns in Canada.

Precision Greens cherishes every opportunity to show our customers what we are capable of creating. We are golf enthusiasts that have valuable experience in creating fun and realistic golf environments. We are also perfectionists in that every project, whether it be a golf green or artificial grass landscape, is created to do justice to its surroundings. Precision Greens understands what high expectations accompany such large investments and spare no expense to ensure the happiness of every customer we have the privilege of working for.

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Precision Greens was a product of the desire to be entrepreneurs. Scott and Shaun had both come from Parents of Entrepreneurs. Seeing first hand that it is possible to make something of an idea that you can bring to the world, was an advantage that is not overlooked. Precision Greens happened because our Parents gave us an opportunity to succeed. Not everyone is rewarded with this advantage and we are thankful that the stars aligned to allow us the privilege of starting, and succeeding, in the business world.


About-History Artificial Grass with PrecisionOur first big risk was moving to Las Vegas, Nevada. Scott and Shaun had quit their jobs in Calgary and, on promise of employment, moved down with most of their belongings. Although the work experiences they found were not enough to sustain a life, there was one worthwhile takeaway from this adventure; their introduction to backyard, synthetic turf golf greens. Peering into backyards from the golf courses in Nevada there were a handful of personal, residential golf greens and it blew their minds! Scott and Shaun recognized the potential of this amenity and knew there was not anyone back home in BC that was making any waves in this industry.

So, with the promise of food and shelter from Scott’s parents, Shaun and Scott traded their services in building their first “state of the art” synthetic turf golf green for Scott’s parents. It took all summer to build (including three layers of brick for a border), but it turned out well. With the addition of a 1000-watt flood light, the rest of the summer was spent winning and losing putting contests with all of our friends. (I may have a pic for this) Scott and Shaun took a picture, made a flyer and handed them out everywhere. Even Nevada Bob’s put them in their shop in exchange for the promise of a 5% referral fee. This allowed us to build 3 golf greens the following year, 14 golf greens (and 1 grass install) the year after that (as well as three total replacement projects from an incorrect base construction system they used the year before. A system that one major competitor actually still uses today) and then with 30 projects the following year we were able to quit our other jobs and start saving enough to reinvest back into the business.

Since it’s inception, Precision Greens has grown its sales every single year. What a ride it has been, and the level of projects that they have been involved in is fun to look back on. From a 9 hole pitch n’ putt in Mission, a residential football field in West Vancouver, a Soccer Pitch in South Vancouver, a miniature golf in Northern Saskatchewan (in the Boreal Rainforest) to a 7000 square foot golf green in Burnaby, there are a lifetime of memories to look back on and there is every reason to look forward to what is in store for Precision Greens and all of its Franchise Partners throughout Canada.

The most rewarding part of it all is the family that has been created at Precision Greens. None of the success would be possible without the people that have worked with Precision Greens for so many years’ now. PG is a family and everyone understands what they can contribute to make it strong, and to make it better. There is an immense amount of mutual respect and love amongst all who work here and that bleeds into the work that is produced for our Clients.


The mission of Precision Greens is to create fun and unique backyard golf environments, and pristine lawnscapes using unmatched products, workmanship, experience, and passion.


  • We value the needs of our Customers
  • We value the lives of our employees and work to honor their personal goals
  • We value the communities in which we live
  • We value the earth and strive to help develop an industry that is sustainable
  • We value product integrity
  • We value our work, the process and the result of our efforts
  • We value our past experiences, and learn from them
  • We value the potential of our company and our industry

Our Team

About-Shaun Artificial Grass with Precision

Shaun Hunt


Shaun’s ability to invent ways to get a job done right, in an industry that had very little to learn from, is what has defined the success of Precision Greens’ and its systems of installations and techniques. His “never cut corners” attitude awarded Precision Greens a reputation as the best in the business, and now Shaun continually seeks out ways to learn and improve upon what he has helped to create.An inventor by nature, Shaun is continually looking at ways to build and improve upon his accomplishments, and he is thrilled about our place in this ever-expanding industry.

About-Dave Artificial Grass with Precision

Dave Abbott


Dave’s insatiable appetite for building on a good idea had brought him in contact with Precision Greens. It was a lifetime of high level management positions and entrepreneurial experiences that allowed Dave to recognize positive industry trends and to seek out, what he felt, was the best in the business in Precision Greens.Dave is using his positive attitude and enthusiasm to launch Precision Greens down a path of limitless possibilities. Dave is excited to bring the products, systems and principals that have been created at PG over the last near 20 years and deliver them to Business Owners and their Families all over Canada and the United States.

What People Are Saying

  • Precision Greens has delivered a realistic and attractive practice environment that is not breaking down under heavy daily traffic.

    – Rob H.

  • We are immensely enjoying our garden as are many passersby! We have hired many construction trades in the past, and this group stands out as exceptional.

    – Elaine & David M.

  • I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful yard I now have. Thank you for an excellent team, a brilliant installation and an excellent product.

    – Marie H.

  • I am very proud of my 825 yard pitch and putt course, and the quality of the putting greens…One year after the course was completed, it continues to play excellent.

    – W.P.J. McCarthy and Company LTD

  • The end result is we are the recipients of one of the finest putting surfaces that can be purchased.

    – Ron A.

  • We had Precision Greens build a putting green in our back garden. We are very happy with the end result. Shaun and Scott are very pleasant young men, and very professional.

    – Jean W.

  • Oh my goodness, the dogs LOVE the grass (and we do too!) Lucy (the little black dog) doesn’t ever want to come back inside now (gotta tempt her with treats!)

    – Natalia E.

  • I love what the guys did with my back lawn. I enjoy watching the faces of my friends and family when they first see it, puzzle over it and then tentatively go out and touch it.

    – Robert W.

  • What a difference you made to our backyard! It was a muddy pond that we tried valiantly to correct. My wife spent hours cleaning dog prints off the floor during the rainy seasons.

    – Mark & Shelley S.

  • Thank you for a comprehensive job well done. The response by the residents to both the boulevard and the putting green have all been positive. The overall look adds a touch of class.

    – Leo

  • You have created for me a golf practice area far greater than I anticipated and only a step away from my door.

    – Bob M.

  • The yard looks fantastic and I would like to again thank Shaun for a job well done…We are stunned at the quality of your team’s work and the time frame the job was done in.

    – Adrian Z.

  • We are really impressed with the quality of the work, attention to detail, punctuality, the personable demeanour of all involved and fairness in both pricing and the little extras.

    – Frank C.

  • I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful yard I now have. Adam and Josh were such a delight to work with and I will without hesitation request them again.

    – Marie H.

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